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Thinning Operations Auckland

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Why Choose ArborTechniX?

Problem Trees

Lateral encroachment issues/boundary encroachment, structural damage/threat.

Interior thinning

To promote greater light penetration to your home & garden.


Shaping larger trees to fit your environment. Aesthetic improvement.

Insurance & Removal

Total demolition where no other solution will suffice.

ATX offer a comprehensive tree service:

Surveys & Diagnostics

Disease diagnoses & solution. Cataloguing & maintenance schedules.


Identifying risk before failure or damage occurs. Presenting solutions to fit.

Resource consent

Undertaking consent applications as acting agent on the client’s behalf.

Palm Solutions

Crown-lifting, dead-wooding, complete removal/structural demolition...

Tree Botanics

  • Kahikatea (White Pine)
    This is the tallest of the New Zealand forest trees, attaining physical heights of up to 60m...

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  • Akeake
    The Maori name for this shrub/small tree (attaining approximately 6m in overall physical height, tru...

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  • Kauri
    This noble and world famous tree is the largest of the New Zealand natives, towering above the fores...

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  • Cabbage Tree
    The cabbage tree (Agavaceae family) is one of the most distinctive, readily identifiable & chara...

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  • Karaka
    Member of the Corynocarpaceae family the karaka is a medium-sized, round-headed tree reaching height...

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  • Rimu
    One of New Zealand's most beautiful and useful trees, its straight, tapering trunk is...

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  • Rewarewa
    Also known widely as the NZ Honeysuckle, rewarewa, member of the Proteacea family...

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  • Ramarama
    Member of the Myrtaceae family, The ramarama is a small tree reaching heights of up to...

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  • Putaputaweta
    Member of the Escalloniaceae family, the putaputaweta is a common species occurring across all...

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  • Totara
    One of the largest trees in the forest, member of the Podocarpaceae family, theTotara can reach heig...

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...get the job done safely, efficiently, professionally...
Claire Johnstone-Thomas Private Property
Outstanding job!Gareth did an amazing job removing a giant Pheonix Palm that was growing in the middle of a protected Pohutukawa. He took on a tree that most companies had said was out of their skill set and completed it with perfect results. Very professional, provided a detailed quote and delivered an excellent result on budget. Proved to be a great show with Gareth standing at the top of the giant tree and hanging from a 55 ton crane!! Would highly recommend this business to anyone.
David Knight Private Property
Good job well doneKnowledgeable, professional, prompt. A good sense of humour.Big job, large trees and Yukas removed and stumps ground. Site left very clean and tidy. Good job well done. Would recommend.