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Tree Botanics

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Other Names: (lophomyrtus obcordata)

A small tree, member of the Myrtaceae family attaining physical heights of up to 6m, easily identified by its smooth bark and small inverted heart-shaped leaves. The trunk may be up to 30cm in diameter, the bark peels off in long strips to expose an irregular pattern of new greenish-white interwoven with the older brown. The leaves are 5 - 12mm in length/width & arranged in opposite pairs/clusters.  the under-surfaces are dotted with oil glands. The creamy white flowers are produced singly from leaf axils & the small (7mm) berries vary in colour from a bright to darker red, or a dark violet colouration. Rohutu occurs in coastal and hilly forests from sea-level up to 1060m. Rohutu is found extensively in both North & South Islands, but is absent from most of Southland.  It is local from the East Cape northwards.